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Hey, Hi, and Hello to all :)

Hi everybody. I just registered here, and this looks like a great forum. Very professional and friendly. Keep up the great work!
I'm just an average city kid, currently i am attending the Rutgers University and my name is Sam. Just wanted to say hello to you
all i hope to have a great time here i guess!
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Hi, thanks you very much . If you want you can enjoin with us . you can comment ideas , wellcome to sinhviencnhh.net . We come from Vietnamese
We speaking not good , you can find clips teach English for us . Can you help us ? If can you can upload in Ebook_Tài Liệu Tiếng Anh

[MARQUEE]Ai còn mẹ , xin đừng làm mẹ khóc :cnhh45:
Đừng để buồn lên mắt mẹ nghe không !![/MARQUEE]



[Image: thank.gif]
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Hope you SOM Forums. THANK YOU
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what what

hix i don't speaking E .


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